Joseph Autumn/Winter 2017:

Louise Trotter sent models down the runway in some of the most beautiful and practical clothes this season.

There was oversized suiting in drill or jacquard, topstitched overalls, baggy olive jumpsuits, pink bodysuits, the high-shine coats and dresses, sharply cut pants, outfits trimmed with lace and in a poppy red and floral and color-blocked dresses. The details were zips undone, hems frayed, twisted collars and burst stitches. It almost seemed as if to suggest work in progress.  Trotter wished to explore the limits of masculine uniform on behalf of the feminine. Or as she said, “to make the purposeful decorative.” She also wished to complement the masculine side by adding feminine touches that kept the looks smart and balanced looking.

The color palette was navy blue, white, tan, red, beige, olive green, hot pink, ivory, chocolate brown, orange, neon yellow and royal blue. It was actually an unusually colorful collection for Joseph.

There are so many great investment pieces here a woman can wear for years to come. They will also be chic and forever remain in style. How is that for cost per wear?!


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