Veronique Branquinho Autumn/Winter 2017:

Veronique Branquinho’s collection this season was a brilliant blending of the demure and innocent with the more twisted fetish of a sexy Lolita.

There were amplified suit pants, shorts, overalls, boxy coats that were actually capes, floor-sweeping shirtdresses, Prince of Wales belted coveralls enhanced with smocked sleeves and worn over a ruffle collar blouse, two-button jackets, jackets that peeled back and hugged the hips like skirts, Swarovski-crystal-patterned illusion tops evoking the costumes worn by figure skaters or cabaret dancers and  white tights shown with velvet slippers and crystal dance sandals.

The collectiom’s color palette was a very somber and earthy mix of army green, black, pale blue, maroon, grey, tan, taupe, white, navy blue, silver, beige, forest green, peach and bronze.

When it came to the tights with the slippers or sandals, she said that they were an early decision. “It started from a little picture that I found of an old schoolboy with white tights,” she said.

This season after all began by reflecting on her “old love of tailoring as (shaped) by the luggage of time.”  “I really wanted this to be a constructed collection,” said the Antwerp-based designer. “It’s the art of the métier.”

And what a great métier Veronique truly is! Her tailoring and cuts of fabric are pure perfection and she knows how to cut a mean pant suit. This season was unique and edgy, whilst still being extremely wearable and classic. You have my approval, Veronique. 5 out of 5 stars!

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