Oscar de la Renta Autumn/Winter 2017:

This season, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia presented their first collection for Oscar de la Renta. They also displayed theit newly founded Monse line on the catwalk at the same time, as well. Things did not start well though, since the curtain fell down by mistake and obstructed the view of the models for some of the audience. Things were taken care of in the end, though.

The clothes themselves were beautiful and vibrant like percious jewels in a treasure chest, though some of them did veer towards being tacky and garish. Multi-colored leggings, anyone? Apart from a few missteps, this collection was very elegant and sophisticated, with plenty of satin peplum cocktail dresses, ballgowns dotted with poppies, skirts entirely made out of lush fur, sharply tailored pantsuits, smart seperates and luxuriously made fur coats that scream wealth and opulence in the best possible way!

The models wore very little in the way of accesories, wearing only strappy heels and holding the occasional clutch bag. It was very simple and understated, nothing being over-accesorized or over-done.

Not quite as good as the clothes that the late great namesake Oscar himselg crafted so meticulously im his atelier, but a great start, nonetheless. Let’s see what’s in store for this young and bright duo’s sophomore collection. Can’t wait!!!

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