Givenchy Autumn/Winter 2017:

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For the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, the Givenchy team hand selected 27 looks from Tisci’s 12 years of work at Givenchy as Creative Director. A PR rep said it is “as representative of the house codes as possible.” But he was not referring to Ricardo Tisci’s “code,” but Hupert de Givenchy’s codes. But of course, Givenchy’s public image has now been shaped by Tisci himself and his style is synonymous with the famous Haute Couture house! Who knew that the then 30 years old Italian back in 2005 would help to completely revamp a then struggling fashion house! Brava, Tisci, brava!

As we wait for the new Creative Director to take over at Givenchy, the atelier made an all-red collection (a very in color right now!) for the time being, with references to Tisci’s work at the fashion house and the season it was shown by Tisci was emblazoned on letters on the models necks. The new Creative Director has a great team he or she will work with when they start at Givenchy! These people know their stuff!!

There were peversely dramatic coats, romantic gothic style lace dresses, billowy chiffon blouses, sexy and tight pencil skirts, decadent furs, flattering wrap dresses, sharply cut pant suits and bedazzled sequined evening gowns.

This was accessorized with giant spacer earrings, laced up booties latex gloves, sharp stiletto heels, vertiginous boots and the ever lust-worthy Pandora handbag!

Ricardo Tissci will be sorely missed at Givenchy. It was a great way to send out a great designer that will be sorely missed in the fashion World! Tears well up in our eyes already…

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