Nina Ricci Autumn/Winter 2017:

Guillaume Henri’s Nina Ricci creations this season were inspired by cowboys and the Wild, Wild West. It was very interesting to see this beautiful and rich melting pot of both Gallic charm and Americana done chic: a winning formula!

There were pastels, snap closures, metal collar clips, yoke seamed shirts, sequins, silk fringe a skirt and coat with hip cutouts modeled on chaps and high-waisted corduroy pants.

The accesories were lace gloves and stockings, saddle bags suspended from belts, supersize belt buckles and bolo ties.

The color palette was hot pink, black, navy blue, beige, oyster blue, brown, white, grey, aqua blue, yellow and peach.

There was so much to wear and it really feels like the sort of clothes you could wear to a country and Western, whilst still looking glam and on trend!

After all, the Statue of Liberty was gifted by the French to America and the French helped fight against the British in the War of Idependence in 1776, so how fitting is it that one of the most chic and synonymously French labels should do a tribute to all things American?!

I think so!!!

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