The Roaring Twenties:

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Go back in time to a golden and gilded age, when jazz music was being played in all of the best joints, Coco Chanel had invented the “Ford” dress, Flappers attended all of the most decadent parties and people were crazy about dancing the Charleston!

You can do all of that and more with this fabulous flapper inspired outfit that shows off your gams to perfection! Everyone will think your outfit is fun and risqué and you will be the Bee’s knees!!

Now let’s blouse (1920’s lingo for let’s get out of here!)

First slide

1- Jennifer Behr

Swarovski Crystal Headband

NZD 1068.00

Second slide:

2- Swarovski

Favor Pierced Earrings

Third slide:

3- Swarovski

White Gallery Square All-Around Necklace,_White.html

Fourth slide:

4- Alberta FEerretti

Fringed Jacquard Dress

NZD 2791.00

Fifth slide:

5- Swarovski

Favor Bangle

Sixth slide:

6- Swarovski

Attract Ring

Seventh slide:

7- Manolo Blahnik

Gothisi Silk Satin Clutch

NZD 2286.00

Eighth slide:

8- Renè Caovilla

75mm Swarovski & Lace Sling Back Pumps 

NZD 1898.00

Courtesy of and Swarovski Crystals.

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