Salvatore Ferragamo Autumn/Winter 2017:

I loved the clothes shown here! They were very classic and restrained, but had a good dose of color thrown in… just enough to add a little bit of light to the mood of the collection.

Fulvio Rigoni opened the Salvatore Ferragamo Autumn/Winter 2017 show with a nipped waist blazer in dove gray leather worn with a sleek turtleneck and slit silk skirt in matching hues and accessorized it with a violet crocodile clutch and platform-soled and tacked heel boots, which was in my opinion the most elegant and put together look of the whole collection by far!

He also showed some elegant sheaths. The sleeveless versions of these were accompanied by matching shrugs hung from shoulder harnesses or fine knit sweaters with narrow and fold-over waist skirts. The pants he showed were also slim and high-waisted.

The color scheme of the show itself was dove grey, tan, taupe, navy blue, dark grey, royal purple, orange, black, aqua blue, mint green and baby blue.

The silhouette was quite severe, so he added some warmth with the use of animal patterns or bright fruity colors. He also used chenille fabric that looked soft to the touch.

His simple puffed down square with armholes was clever and modern, as well. And his coats came with structural collars that added some much needed drama to the collection.

There were also plenty of sleek leather gloves, fur coats, bug eye sunglasses, roomy totes and adorable clutch bags to add a bit of personality to the collection.

All together, a fairly good and solid collection.

Brava, Fulvio, brava!

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  1. Oh my gosh!! I love Salvatore Ferragamo. It is so classic. I have lots of shoes, bags and some dresses by them. Also a wallet. I like to use them all from time to time 🙂

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