Roland Mouret Autumn/Winter 2017



Roland Mouret’s collection this season had a lot of very wearable dresses, blouses and skirts that could be worn either to a smart casual event or a cocktail party. They could either be dressed up or dressed down and they had a lot of versatility. Indeed, some of his pieces included a lot of layering with snug knits and added an extra dash of style and panache to the looks shown on the runway.

The color scheme of the show was mustard yellow, black, purple, turquoise, royal blue, lavender, plum, navy blue and different shades of grey.

There was a Galaxy 2.0 moment (Roland’s famous staple dress from the early 2000’s) with his deep purple stretch wool dresses contoured to fit close and a zipper snaking up the back. This was tied in a moment later with a long and figure hugging coat version. Those were then joined by other great looks: a sinuous jacket and skirt draped to fall across the body, the hems of the fabric dipping into zones of the body that elongate the frame. The Tunic Top Dress he did was worn layered up over a long skirt. There was also a shoulder-framing hourglass gilet/jacket that emphasized the shoulders and the waist and showed it off to perfection! Some of his silk gowns draped like liquid on the human form and were very flattering!

Roland certainly understands the female form and he caters to a wide range of body types, from more column-like figures to the more voluptuous. He really means it when he says he loves women!

We love you too, Roland!

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