Sweater Dressing:

Wrap up for the Fall in this pant and sweater combo! You will look very well put-together and you will also be ready to brave the elements when you take those long, glorious Autumn walks through Central Park.

You can even jump into those piles of. K Autumnal leaves…

Fall really is one of the most wonderful and golden seasons of all!

First slide-


High jewellry 1895 diamond and platinum earrings

Price upon request


Second slide-


High Jewellry 1895 Necklace with platinum and diamonds

Price upon request


Third slide-

Giorgio Armani

Top Black Textured Fabric Classic


Giorgio Armani Top Black Textured Fabric Classic 40 6

Fourth slide-

Temperley London

Sweater cardigan ‘IMPERIAL’ silk cashmere S


TEMPERLEY Sweater cardigan 'IMPERIAL' silk cashmere S

Fifth slide-


Black Wool with Cashmere Tuxedo Detail pants


Chanel 04A Pant Black Wool / Cashmere Tuxedo Detail 36 / 4

Sixth slide-


Essential Lines bracelet with white gold and diamons

$109,000 excluding sales tax


Seventh slide-


1895 platinum and diamond solitaire ring

Price upon request


Eigth slide-


Black Flat Flap Caviar Clutch/

Shoulder Bag

$ 3,755.00

Chanel Bag Flap Flat Black Caviar Clutch / Shoulder Bag

Ninth slide-

Giorgio Armani

Shoe Divine Front Leather Work Rear Satin


Giorgio Armani Shoe Divine Front Leather Work Rear Satin 37.5 / 7.5

Courtesy of Mightychic.com and Cartier.

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