Yves Saint Laurent Autumn/Winter 2017:

Vaccarello chose to show his latest collection in the new and still under construction Yves Saint Laurent HQ on Rue de Bellechasse.

The color scheme of the clothes came in different shades of metallic, taupe, inky black, royal blue, ivory and dove grey.

He was heavily inspired by haute couture  from the early ’80s.  There were tiny, sculpted and curvaceous after-dark looks, glistening in black velvet, gleaming in black leather and glittering from thousands of rhinestones. What came before this were clothes for daylight hours.

Vaccarello mixed up über-luxe versions of every day clothes. The denim jacket was trimmed in sheared mink or shearling. Tough cognac leather was draped into lavish dresses, a bloom adorning their necklines. An extravagantly pleated cocktail skirt was worn with an ivory mohair sweater or a supersized over-layer. There were also some great faded blue jeans with a pair of just-on-the-knee ruched boots and ultra-long aviator gloves. There were dresses with gargantuan sleeves, too. And let’s not forget the sexy leather jackets and pants!

He had a whole line up of evening looks to unveil during his finale, but Vaccarello also sllipped in some strictly for night time looks. One look was a short  black dress embroidered with a purple flower and green leaves.

Vaccaerllo used the last of the Lesage embroidery that had been originally commissioned by Yves himself. It added a special touch to the clothes and was a great homage to the late great Yves himself!

In conclusion, it was a very fashion forward and confident show that would make Yves himself very proud indeed!

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