Liquid Mercury:

One of the most beautiful and yet most deadly substances on the periodic table, mercury is killer!

You will look ultra modern and sensational in this liquid silver outift, channeling a modern day Jane Fonda in the film “Barbarella.”

Your look will be simply out of this World!!

And you will be imortally chic as mercury itself was held by ancient cultures to make one indestructible… Even legends say that Chinese emperors filled their tombs with the stuff… So they better look out for you in this get up!!

First column:

1- Roberto Coin

5.55ct 35mm White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings


2- Saint John Collection

Liquid Satin Scoop-Back Shell, Silver


3- Calvin Klein Collection

Kristina Silk Slim Midi Skirt


Second column:

4- Bessa

18k White Gold Round and Baguette Diamond Bracelet


5- NM Estate

Size 6 Estate Edwardian Diamond Cushion Engagement Ring


6- Christian Louboutin

Silver So Kate Specchio Baguette Clutch Bag


Third column:

7- Manolo Blahnik

Silver Cleva Metallic Strappy Ankle-Wrap Sandal


All courtesy of Neiman Marcus.

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