J Mendel Autumn/Winter 2017

Gilles Mendel decided not to show J Mendel’s clothes on the runway this season, instead opting to show them salon-style at French Patisserie Ladurée on a golden afternoon.

Most of the dresses were not past the ankles themselves, so as to empower the modern-day woman by giving her freedom of movement, instead of forcing her to pick up her train every time she walks to prevent her from tripping over. They were made of shimmering lace, tulle and other incredibly luxurious fabrics. There was the occasional pantsuit, too!

The fur coats shown in this collection were fabulous, as we the customer have grown to expect them to be over the years, considering that J Mendel has always been known for its gorgeous fur coats. There was a fox stole trimmed in ostrich feathers, a black and mint green chubby, your typical mink and sable coats and a oversized fox fur and skunk parka.

The color scheme was varied, coming in shades of red, blue, peach, brown, grey, white, black and silver.

In summary, this collection felt young, but at the same time, very sophisticated and glamorous. A true fashionista’s dream wardrobe!!


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