Prada Autumn/Winter 2017:

Miuccia Prada is a master when it comes to subtle cultural references and political ideas, but yet is not a politican herself and she insists that that is not what she is.

Prada lets the one viewing her collection to decide for themselves what message she is trying to convey or evoke to the general public, with references to Robert E. McGinnis’s work, like his film Barbarella, as well as stylistic references to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. As she quipped herself, she “…has to… sneak it in.”

Tweed, fur, crystals, ostrich feathers and a whole plethora of other fabrics swooshed down the catwalk like a colorful acid trip on steriods, but in the best possible way.

Keep your eyes on those red boots. I am telling you, they will sell like hotcakes!


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